The Best Day so Far

Man Utah is cool. Really glad we picked the long way. Today we saw some of the most epic landscape I think we have seen yet. It's hard to even choose the right pictures to put into this post. Everything about today was pretty awesome. Got up early had a nice leisurely down hill from our camp in the mountains. Then we rolled into Red Canyon and had a nice bike trail to follow through some amazing rock pillars and outcroppings. Around every corner we found ourselves stoping to take photos, to the point it was a bit annoying to stop, but too good to pass up the picture. We made it a pretty relaxing day, and stopped in every little town along the way for either coffee, lunch, or a snack, and even though we took our time we ended up making it a 90 mile day, our longest yet. We even kept a 12 mph average. Not so bad. The riding seemed pretty easy, we must be getting used to it. Everything seemed easy but our last climb. We climbed for about an hour and I was sure that it would be over around the next corner, but it wasn't. The last mile was our steepest climb yet. I contemplated walking the bike up, but managed to push through. Luc felt the need to pose (as seen below) when we reached the top. After the climb we had only 18 miles to go, with one catch there was a massive thunderstorm following us. We decided to make a run for it and all out sprinted the downhill to town. We just made it. As we walked inside it started to pour and the wind was gusting to about 35 knots. Tonight we are in Escalante, Utah, staying at a really cool outdoor outfitter with camping in the back. Another 10,000 ft peak to take on tomorrow. - Joe

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