1st day on the road

What a day! After leaving Bay Area Bikes we meandered north of Oakland on a surprisingly nice urban bike path. Before we knew it 20 miles had passed and our send off party departed leaving us on our own. We soon crossed over the I-80 bridge and lunched at a pizza parlor that could not have been better considering our appetites. The afternoon consisted of a few gradual hill climbs under clear skies and rising temps. From there we essentially coasted into Fairfield pushed by tail winds. We were amused by the names of familiar locations in our own town, at one point we pasted Bridgeport Ranch. We reached our destination after almost five hours of riding and 56 miles (61 including heading to the beach this morning), overall we are quite happy after our first day on the road! - Lucas

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  1. Hi guys. I'm the runner who ran into you on sunday morning in sf on market street. Wishing you the best!!! Lauren Moret


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