We awoke to find it comfortably chilly at 58 degrees F, a hot bowl of oatmeal did the trick and we were on the road by 6:30. We escaped the urban sprawl of Sacramento quickly and found ourselves on the reportedly largest bike only causeway. During a stretch break we were interrupted by a man who warned us of the crazy homeless population that frequent the area. The exchange was a bit awkward due to the fact that it was hard to discern whether or not he was simply describing himself. At this point it may be prudent to inform the reader that he was brandishing a 9 iron and bragging about the wild turkey he had just slain with an overhand kill shot. We moved on quickly and followed the river for a another 30 miles, while slightly monotonous the ride was easy and relaxing. At one point a fellow rider stopped to enjoy some wild grapes with us. After lunching in downtown Folsom we did our first bit of climbing, gaining 1,600 feet over the next 10 miles. Slow and steady was our mantra, having established that today's only obligation was cycling up the foothills of the Sierra it was easy to be patient. Today was our hottest day yet with a high of 94 degrees F, I am tempted to describe the sun as brutal but perhaps I should save such choice words for the deserts of Nevada. -Lucas


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