Headwinds... August 19th

Let me preface this entry by saying we expected today to be one of the easiest days yet, due to a low mileage (58 miles) and no serious climbs. Such was not the case, I now know why other cross country cyclists will stare you dead in the eyes and tell you not to give up when there are headwinds, demoralizing hardly describes the day we had. Small climbs were epic battles and downhill coasts turned into full exertion pace lines. The stiff breeze was always in your face and regardless of the pace you set it was never comfortable. I could go on in much more detail but it should suffice to say we suffered. At the end we stumbled into an outpost of town which happened to be an ice cream parlor and enjoyed large milkshakes. In the shop some children were staring at me, I assumed the cause was my outfit but upon looking in the mirror I realized my face was caked in dry salt.
We now find ourselves in lovely Cedar City for our first rest day (tomorrow), very exciting! Although I secretly fear we may not know what to do with ourselves as we have become so accustomed to this cycle. Also the mountains loom over the city, a constant reminder of what is ahead. -Lucas


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