Rest Day

Today we did everything we could to avoid getting on the bikes. Even hitchhiking into town just to avoid a few mile ride. I wasn't even that tired or sick of riding but we figured it was best to just take a full day totally away from riding. We spend the day hanging in a coffee shop reading, and I'm loving my new Kindle. I think it will be nice thing to have along on the trip even though it adds 9 ounces. We met a few more bikers today that pulled into our camp site. Both were riding Surlys and riding our same route backwards. Nice to see two guys like us finishing up. Over dinner we started to look at our route and I'm amazed at how far we've come, lots more to go though. As we get east the routing might get a bit more interesting because we will be making our own route as we head up to CT, we will see how it goes. Tomorrow back to the ride. About 57 miles a head of us, with just one 4.5 thousand foot climb. -Joe


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