100 Miles, 106 Degrees. August 24

The majority of today was a breeze. We woke up from our first nights rest in a real bed, and slowly enjoyed our free continental breakfast. The days ride started with slowly coasting down hills broken up by a few steeper descents, all the while surrounded by sheer rock walls on both sides. We followed the river that cut the canyon for about 30 miles, barley having to pedal and just trying to take in all of the massive scenery around us. After we got out of the canyon we stopped at a small bakery in the middle of nowhere and had fresh goat milk melon smoothies, made by the local farmer, and a few miles of flats later had lunch. Then we started on what we thought was our only major hill climb of the day. It was only about 600 feet of climbing over about 20 miles and we spent the time talking making the climb go by really quick. Then another slow decent, and again through some of the most massive sheer walls and canyons. This one lasted about 30 miles. Although the riding was easy we could feel the days heat beginning to set in. By the time we reached the end of the canyon we thought we were within a few miles of our destination (Lake Powell) and we were, but we had a few really steep, unexpected climbs ahead of us. By this time, all of our water was almost too hot to drink and didn't help the fact that we were both a bit dehydrated and over heating. We finally made it to the top, both thoroughly exhausted, and made it to the small shop at the campground 10 minutes before they closed, to get cold drinks. Longest day yet 100 miles! And almost 8 hours on the bike. Not so bad! Tomorrow is another long one and the temps aren't falling. - Joe


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