Leaving August 7th at 10am

Its final! We are leaving Bay Area Bikes at 10am on Sunday August 7th. Lucas and I will be getting on the bike a bit earlier in order to ride down to the ocean to dip our tires in the Pacific, then head over to the shop. The send off party starts at 9am and there will be free breakfast provided by Farley's a local coffee shop. Then at 10am, we will begin our ride along with anyone who wants to join us on the first few mile ride along. If your in town come out to the shop and see us off. Below is a picture of where we will start at the ocean that I took yesterday on my ride around the city.

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  1. I just saw your flyer at Farley's this morning! I did the cross country ride last summer SF to DC unsupported (no SAG team.) What an excruciating and amazing trip. Good luck, don't eat too many bugs and may the wind be at your back :-)



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