Wind with a sense of humor

In a sense we have begun a new distinct leg of our journey. We completed the route known as the western express with a total distance of 1,754 miles. Now that we have entered the flat lands it seems as though this is actually something other people do, but more on that later.
If the wind had blown out of any other direction riding would have been impossible ( well that is not entirely true, if it had been a tail wind I would be writing this from Kansas). If it had been a headwind we wouldn't have made it a mile, from the right we would have been blown into traffic, yet as a steady 35-40mph cross wind from the left we were able to ride at a 15 degree angle and I was blown off the road twice. Thus I was able to comprehend on some deep level that this was a humorous situation, not the sort that gave me the urge to smile at the time but maybe laugh about later. This abruptly changed as I witnessed a chest high tumbleweed pass 20 feet off Joe's rear. After yelling "watch out" followed by choice expletives I nearly fell off my bike laughing.
From here on in the day improved as we ran into the first cyclist we have seen heading in the same direction as us. Upon entering town we were even asked to sign a touring cyclist log. As I hinted at it appears that this part of the country is far more cyclist friendly. In fact we are spending the night at a cyclist only compound that is maintained by Jillian from New Zealand. The people here are unbelievably generous and accommodating offering us free lodging, showers, a kitchen and the opportunity to play a quick scrabble match. All is well and we look forward to Kansas. - Lucas


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