We Gained One

What a great day! We woke up and had a great breakfast, thanks again to Mike and Nancy. Then we started the day on a great bike path, an old tow path, for a few miles through the woods following a river. We were not really looking forward to today because the forecast had been for heavy rain and the radar showed a huge system off to our west, but we hadn't seen rain yet, so we just hoped it would come later. At our first stop, we were lucky enough to bump into a fellow cyclist (Paul) heading the same route as us, to NY city. So after coffee we all took off together. The day couldn't be nicer, nice temperature and party sunny, for a forecasted "soaker". We had lunch at about 45 miles in Burton, Ohio and were pleasantly surprised when the waitress informed us the group sitting next to us that just left had paid our tab! This is a good day! We got back on the road and went through a few Amish communities. Pretty interesting, tried to sneak a shot of one of the buggies on the road, as seen above. Soon we found ourselves on another bike path that cut straight through some really beautiful forests and over small rivers. Along the path the storm was always looming over our shoulder and at one point we were convinced it was just about to rain, so we decided to sprint the remaining 4 miles. We made it! No rain! The three of us are staying in a hotel tonight in Austinburg tonight, and just as we checked it it started absolutely pouring. What a good day. -Joe

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  1. serious pollyana status here, sweet tooth joe... I like it though.


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