A surprise day

Perhaps it was changing time zones or maybe just the incessant rain but regardless we were quite lethargic this morning. Joe in particular was struggling, halfway out the door he turned around and claimed he couldn't go any farther without a cup of coffee. After setting out we quickly crossed into Indiana, unfortunately it is just a foray as we will briefly be back in Kentucky tomorrow. Twenty miles later we found ourselves warming up with pastries and hot chocolate not going anywhere fast. At this point we began consulting our maps and realized we did not have any stellar lodging options due to the rain and a general lack of towns. We did notice that there was a family on warm-showers in Madison that housed cyclists. One phone call later and we had a goal, it looked like we would be spending another night under a roof. The one small issue being it was nearing noon and we still had 70 miles to go. This and some jelly belly sport beans gave us a surge of energy and we took off through the rain. We bypassed our lunch break and ate bananas on our bikes. When we finally arrived in Madison it was fully worth the extra effort. We are staying with an amazing family whom frequently go on family cycle touring trips. The mother and son hit a top speed of 63mph on a tandem in the white mountains up in Maine. Also I should probably mention that we had an amazing home cooked meal and got to enjoy a steam to rewarm our bodies. It turned out to be a very very good day. Got to go, banana bread coming out of the oven! - Lucas

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  1. Lucas and Joe -- You guys are amazing. First you go for days and days without seeing a drop of rain. Then you hit some rain and people seem to pop up like mushrooms and provide shelter and wonderful food including fresh banana bread. This is unreal.

    Keep the good times and good luck rolling.

    Old Greenwich Haneys


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