Crossing the mighty Mississippi

We are finally on the right side of the Mississippi! Yesterday's rains ushered in some of the coldest air we have yet encountered. When we began riding this morning the temperature was in the low 40's and it was quite blustery. It was one of those mornings when your whole body was craving the first rays of sun to touch your skin. Once they did it was a glorious day for riding and other then light headwinds some of the most enjoyable conditions yet. We dropped down out of the hills and onto the floodplains and after a few miles of riding through some very fertile farmland we found ourselves suspended over the river. The sheer power of the murky water is truly amazing.
We had a quick lunch just on the other side and then followed a very rural road that was actually situated on top of the levee. We rode through quaint farmland that bordered the river for the next 30 miles. Once we realized the bike shop in Carbondale closed at 5 we raced the rest of the way, even though we walked in at 5:05 the owner was nice enough to go over our bikes. Apparently my light weight and riding style has allowed my bike to be in better shape then Joe's! It is quite comforting to finally have our bikes looked over. Having not slept that well and riding 100 miles we are both quite exhausted. -Lucas


  1. Hope you two are doing well! I love reading your daily updates! -Maddy

  2. Yippee! Crossing the Mississippi, very cool! Cool here today also in CT, in the 40's this morning. GO GO GO!


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