Into the hills

The morning started shrouded in fog and had us reminiscing about our long ago start in San Francisco. This sentiment increased as we encountered the steepest hills since leaving the city. I found them to be quite hilarious as they are literally straight up and down. I was either riding at 35mph or 8mph there was no in-between. These are not the kind of hills that you can power through; rather they simply stop you in your tracks and when this occurs you hope you are in your lowest gear. In all honesty I can't think of any hill to compare them to, it is probably more akin to 8 hours of sledding. I should probably point out that this is not an unhappy post as it is quite satisfying climbing each hill, and there is something to time passing faster when you can't see more then a quarter mile ahead. Think of it as endless interval training, or perhaps a broken roller coaster. More of a nuisance are the dogs waiting for you atop each hill, although my most unnerving moment of the day was when a bird of prey with a wing span larger then my own was soaring 30 feet off my shoulder.
While on the topic of roller coasters my emotions experienced a similar swing of highs and lows. Unfortunately my kindle screen somehow cracked yesterday so when I spotted a Walmart I was ecstatic, by far the happiest I have ever been in such a circumstance. My plan was to purchase a book yet this was shattered when I realized they only carried "Walmart bestsellers", not exactly fine literature. I was choosing between the dictionary and a children's edition of Huckleberry Finn when I realized that they in fact sold kindles, all of a sudden everything was back on track.
We fell short of a 100 mile average and our 5 day average is now 99.5 miles (shucks). Every day we plan on taking it easier but we find we are no longer as fatigued at the end of the day and have an overwhelming urge to push on. - Lucas


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