Leaving Kansas Behind

Another 95 miles down. Keeping our average for the last 4 days just above 100. Never thought I'd be able to ride 100 miles a day. We even had a chance to stop short late in the day, but we both agreed we weren't tired and might as well do 95. The day went by pretty quick and very much routine. Had a great breakfast and got on the road. Slight tailwinds made the riding easy. Towns were pretty close together and we found what might be the deal of the trip at one. 25 cent granola bars, and 50 cent chocolate covered bars! Needless to say we bought the place out and left with two armfuls of snacks. Couple towns later and we were finally out of Kansas! I must say the last day in Kansas wasn't so bad though. The landscape has been slowly changing and we are now in consistently rolling hills, the beginnings of the Ozarks. We got a bit of rain on our last leg but it was really light. No big deal. And now we are staying in Golden City in a town park. Like Kansas, campings free in parks here too! - Joe


  1. Yippee! Missouri. Way to go guys. 100 miles a day is impressive! Keep pedaling.

  2. Lucas. I am finally getting checked out by your sister on how to post a comment to you guys. Tomorrow I will give it another try.

    100 miles a day for 5 days seems impossible


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