Whole Lot of Nothing

Not too much to say about today. It wasn't a bad day, although we did have a very slight head wind all day, but it definitely wasn't a good day. It seemed to just drag on and the miles just weren't building the way we are used to. The scenery at first was refreshing but then it never really changed. Between towns we saw nothing but grass all the way to the horizon in all directions. Lucas observed that it was similar to looking out to the ocean, and you might feel just as isolated in the middle of a field as you would in a boat in the middle of the ocean. When we did get into a town it was hard to find anyone around, we thought because it's labor day weekend, but we were told it's always like this in most of these places. Surprisingly by the end of the day we were both very tired, even though it's flat, you never get a break from pedaling as you so in the downhills of the mountains. When we have been riding for 7 hours we actually have been pedaling non-stop for 7 hours. Tonight we are staying in a church in Sheridan Lake, CO. Tomorrow into Kansas and a new time zone! - Joe.


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