More Fields

Not much new to say about the great state of Kansas, other than we saw a few more fields today. I want to say that I'm not over the state yet, but I totally am. All day I attempted to take pictures that might at least look slightly different from each other, but it's hard out here. Got a few however with at least some farm equipment or buildings in the foreground. We were faced again with quartering headwinds, and fought through them all day. We stopped for lunch in a nice town and eat sandwiches, pie, and cinnamon buns. This I think made my outlook on the day a bit better. The scenery in the last few miles might have started to change, a few more trees and a couple rolling hills, a very welcome surprise. We will see what tomorrow brings. Hope for tailwinds, or at least no wind at all. 71 miles down, breaking through 2000 total for the trip. - Joe


  1. Kansas is brutal! I'm crossing my fingers for a tailwind so you can rifle through. Good luck and get to Missouri!

  2. How about animals, are you seeing any? Coming from an Ohio girl, and riding a lot in Ohio, I can feel your pain. Same thing there. Try to enjoy the colors of the fields and sky and PEDAL hard! You guys are awesome, and I LOVE reading the blog everyday!


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