3,000 miles

Seriously how wide is this country? It had been my assumption that 3,000 miles would have placed us closer to home. The last two days have been a bit of a hiatus from our typical routine. We cut up from the TransAmerica route to the Underground Railroad and in the interim we were quite the novelty item. Along these roads the people are unaccustomed to observing traveling cyclists. Thus we received far more attention then usual, including an anonymous free lunch (thank you!) and free beer at the corn festival.
Kentucky is also very nice and so far generally charming. We rode through bean and corn fields for 55miles before lunch in Owensboro.
Upon reaching Owensboro Joe was intrigued by what he perceived to be a festival down some road. I told him no I think that's just a church tag sale, I was right but we met a guy who pointed us in the direction of a bistro. At the bistro we began talking with a lady who called her friend who is in charge of the local cycling club. Twenty minutes later we were eating lunch with him and are now sitting on his porch overlooking a lake and spending the night here. Isn't it amazing how things work out. When we thanked the lady she replied, "well how else are you going to make it across country without nice people to help you". I couldn't sum it up any better myself. -Lucas


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