Our Diets

Somehow it seems I always get the privilege of blogging on the days we had headwinds. So needless to say I had a ruff day, even though, somehow, Lucas says he had a great day, go figure. I don't want to be negative here, yesterday, I thought was great, so instead of tell you more about Kansas, in which there isn't much new, I figured I'd show you our diets (lunch seen in the picture above). Most days we wake up with oatmeal, with some sort of add in. Today it was our remaining dates and some granola. It's really nice to wake up to something warm. We stop usually for a mid morning snack and coffee. I had a cinnamon roll, followed by another because it was so good. Then for lunch we usually eat out and grab something local, sandwich, burrito, etc. Today we had all you can eat soup and bread. I ate way too much. I think this is a theme for both of us. I can't confirm if we have been losing or gaining weight, but I suspect gaining. The idea that we are burning calories like crazy makes it seem ok to eat what ever, and too much of what ever, hence the two cinnamon rolls. Tonight we will eat a bit light and just have ramon noodles. Although, we normally eat a pound of pasta, a whole jar of sauce, and a loaf of bread. So that's our normal diet. Actually Kansas has been looking up and changing a bit. There's more trees and rolling hills. I took a picture, above, of some trees ahead that were going to block the wind for a bit, a really welcome break. We even crossed paths with a sizable dust devil today, that was throwing dust and debris about 300 feet up. We stopped for a bit to watch the mini tornado. Today we did 88 miles. Makes it about a 100 mile average for the last two days, not so bad! - Joe


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