A lovely day in Ohio

There is something about camping that makes waking up harder, today was particularly tough. The cold air did not make me want to leave my sleeping bag nor did the prospect of packing up my tent that was absolutely soaked by dew. While beautiful the riding was slow at first, I was looking forward to the first town and the inherent promise of a cup of coffee. My hopes were dashed as the town did not even have a bathroom let alone coffee. Some days it is hard to wrap your head around riding 80+ miles, today was one of them. In this case your only option is to push on, and it always gets better. Before we knew it the sun was out and we had a slight tail wind. More exciting still was passing the town of Lucas! As it was a few miles off route we did not stop but I am sure it is a great town. We lunched at mile 55 and realized we only had 25 miles to go which made the afternoon all the more enjoyable. We also lucked out and found a warm showers in Medina Ohio so we will once again be sleeping under a roof, so much for getting back into camping. -Lucas

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  1. lucas the town! nice! see you guys sooooooooooooooon


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