Vacation in CO (guest blogger)

Guest blogger Alexa here! Joe and Lucas are outsourcing the blogging tonight. The intrepid bikers camped somewhere in the mountains last night - apparently it was cold and the stars were extra beautiful - and then rose earlier to book it 50 miles downhill to the fabled city of Pueblo!! This guest blogger was waiting on the campus of Zach's university and very much started screeching when the two cyclists rolled up. It was wonderful. We waited for Zach to get out of class and then got an early lunch of Sloppers in pueblo - four hamburger patties, green chili, fries and oyster crackers in a bowl. The guest blogger ordered a sandwich. The group headed up north to Colorado springs, Joe drank two melted ice creams at Starbucks, bikers organized gear at Casey and Zachs, made an obligatory stop at REI, picked up Casey at her school where Lucas felt like a giant in the kindergarten classroom. We are now off to plan a relaxing evening with best friends. It's too exciting.

Other observations by the guest:
Lucas has a wild farmers tan, which chicks dig.
Lucas and Joe both shaved and only partially look like mountain men.
Apparently, things move really quickly when in a car, so much so that it is exhausting to watch.
Bikes = homes
Full time campers can spend an unlimited amount of time in REI.
Sis is too happy to see a brother again.

That might be it for now - time to go vacation. (Lucas and Joe report that they are at a high point of relaxation)

Your industrious guest blogger, Alexa

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