Three states one day!

As we attempted to devour the entire continental breakfast the rain tapered off and the roads were nearly dry by the time we were ready, excellent timing. Beginning the day on a bike path is always great and even better was that this one led us right to the shore of Lake Erie!
Water to the horizon was a very nice sight after 52 days of being land locked. We rode along the lake for the next thirty miles or so with grape fields to our right. The grapes turned out to be Concords (a family favorite from the Haney grandparents) these are the kind where you discard the skin and swallow the insides. Naturally we took a respite and ate a few pounds of these. Soon we crossed into Pennsylvania and had lunch on the lake in the city of Erie. Overall Erie was not astoundingly exciting so onward it was. We quickly found ourselves climbing out of the great lakes basin and back into the hills. It was nice to use some different muscles and the landscape was picturesque. Before we knew it we crossed into New York state, which I personally am thrilled about. It makes me feel quite close to home and riding through upstate New York with some Autumn foliage doesn't sound bad either. Rather then riding the two miles off route to our camp site Joe worked his Joe magic on the girl at a local restaurant so of course we are camping behind her parents house on our own private pond/ bonfire area. - Lucas


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