New Riding Partner

We were lucky enough to meet two awesome people yesterday that ended up letting us stay at their house last night. We would have been perfectly happy with a lawn to sleep on but Gary and Debbie were kind enough to let us sleep inside and they even cooked us dinner and breakfast! They were just great people and we spent the night talking about biking, our trip, and the various triathlons Gary had competed in. By the end of the night we decided Gary would also ride with us out of town, so the next morning, after a delicious breakfast we headed out. It was really nice riding with someone new and also great to have someone else leading the pack. We had lunch and then we parted ways with our new riding partner. After lunch, we ended up making a wrong turn (my fault) and thankfully noticed it just in time to plot a new course and not have to ride any more mileage. Although we soon found out the new route was way more hilly. It did pass through some really cool tobacco farms and there was literally no one on the roads. We ended up doing 75 miles and crossing into the east coast time zone! Great to be on our home time zone! Want to say thanks again to Gary and Debbie for their great hospitality. We hope to see you guys on the east coast sometime soon. - Joe


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