Rain Day

We finally got rain. The fact that we have managed to miss every storm up till now still amazes me. The morning started out overcast and nice and cool. We rolled into our normal mid-morning snack break without feeling a drop, but as we snacked the clouds rolled in and soon it was pouring outside. We figured we would wait it out and try to follow a passing rain band. The rain soon stopped and we started towards Farmington, 25 miles away, and found that there was a short cut that made the route only 13 miles. This section we got rain, lots of rain. Surprisingly though I enjoyed it. I think for the same reason I enjoy what we call survival kiting. Its just fun being out in the weather. We got into Farmington and decided to call it a day. There is a really nice place to stay here and a bike shop (hopefully it will be open tomorrow), so we thought it would be nice to skip the rest of the rain day and take a break. Still we covered 50 miles. The break also gave us time to figure out the rest of our route. 1500 miles left. Should be home the 7th of October. - Joe

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