Corn Festival

Overall a really good day. Not anything too exciting about the riding. Slight head wind, which was a bit annoying, and pretty much on one road all day so not super scenic. We did however, leave the Trans-America trail behind us today, for good, crossed The Ohio River, navigated our way without any planned maps for the first time, entered a new state (Kentucky), and attended a corn festival in the town we're staying in. We started the day realizing that if we took route 13 from Carbondale and continued on 56 to Owensboro we would shorten our route by 65 miles, and avoid having the follow some sketchy directions to link up to Owensboro. The road was a bit busy but had a huge shoulder which made the riding enjoyable. Crossing the Ohio was a but interesting though. There wasn't a side walk just a raised cat walk that was only suited to walk the bike across. I didn't think this was right so I sat on my bike and rode using my hand on the guardrail as a safety. Getting into the town we intended on staying in we realized there wasn't anywhere to camp (a disadvantage of not following a map) and our plan was to just hope someone offered to put us up. Lucky we ran into a cop who pointed us towards the YMCA and also let us know there was a corn festival going on in town to celebrate the harvest. We checked in with the YMCA and then walked down to the festival to enjoy what was probably the least healthy meal we have had yet. We also got to watch the local talent show which was quite entertaining. Did 77 miles today, 45 to Owensboro tomorrow and we start north on the underground railroad. - Joe.


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