Missed the Rain Again

Somehow we missed the brunt of the storm again. We got just a few sprinkles at the end of the day, but considering the radar we were lucky it was just that. Paul is still riding with us and it's almost like it's been three of us all along. We woke up this morning and all of our tents were soaked from the overnight rain. We had breakfast down at the restaurant, who's owners were kind enough to let us camp out back. After breakfast we packed up and took off with only a 65 mile day ahead of us. We are really getting into some hills now, and it was a pretty tiring morning. New York had is maybe one of the prettier places we have been and it doesn't hurt that all the leaves are starting to change. We got into Jamestown for lunch and picked up our new maps at the post office, then we were back on the road. A short 30 miles through some more beautiful country and we were done for the day. It's going to pour again tonight so we are in a hotel again. We really needed to dry out our tents and a hotel room works perfectly for 3.
- Joe


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