A day at sea

As far as the eye can see all that is visible is the horizon, an endless expanse extends in every direction. Occasionally a passing freighter (18 wheeler) breaks the monotony and throws up a wake (wind gust). We spend the day observing passing flotsam (car parts/ deteriorating barns) and yearning for a passing skiff( fellow cyclist) to tie up with to discuss wind and general conditions. We will also occasionally spot a herd of sea cows (cows) grazing in the distance. Our day improves considerably when we sight land (town), each is marked by a single lighthouse (grain silo) that can be spotted from quite a distance. The small greenish spec slowing expands until we find ourselves docking.
Upon landing we quickly become anthropologists seeking to understand the culture of these places. The natives are extremely friendly albeit hard to find. They eventually come out and consider our crafts asking offhand questions, likely to discern whether our crafts are sea worthy and as well if we are capable of making the crossing. We in turn enter the island store (gas station) to take stock of local eating habits and prices, if necessary we may restock. Soon it is time to leave and we once again seek the shelter of the next island. The Kansas archipelago is remote and lonely, if only the wind would change directions we could make some better progress. -Lucas
We did cover 80 miles as well we crossed into Kansas and into the Chicago time zone!

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  1. love the entry! sounds like you are missing the ocean, feeling land locked?


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