Got to Love Walmart

It turns out our bikes were in need of some repair, or at least our tires. Just after leaving Walmart last night we stopped to ask for directions and realized Lucas' rear tire had blown out. I guess we have put quite a few miles on them. So no big deal, it was an easy repair since we had a spare. Then this morning I realize mine is also about to go. So I replace it. We decide it might be a good idea to pick up a couple more spares since they had gone so unexpectedly. Thankfully we were still by the Walmart. As we head over lucas' chain breaks! Due to a loose derailer we later found out. Also repairable at Walmart. So we finally got on the road around 10. Pretty uneventful day. And easy riding. Well I shouldn't say easy. Lots of hill climbs, up and down and up and down all day. But somehow this makes the day go by incredibly quick. All of a sudden we had 75 miles behind us. We ended up racing the last 15 miles, because we were told a sheriff could meet us and open up the showers in the park but only from 5:50-6:00. Glad we made it because we were in ruff shape. Also got some laundry done and set up camp I think our quickest yet. -Joe

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  1. Lucas & Joe -- We want you to know that we look forward to your posts every day. It gives us old folks a chance to experience a bike ride across the USA without putting in al the physical effort that you guys seem to be able to put out every day.
    We like to follow your trail on Google earth maps and it would be helpful if you could mention the numbers of the routes you are on and the towns you are staying in.
    The Old Greenwich Haneys


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