A day of suprises

Let's first discuss the wildlife of kansas, the cows were fully expected and I enjoyed trading blanks stars with them (they refused to trade goofy smiles, trust me I tried). The herd of wild horses galloping beside us was more surprising and fully magnificent. Rescuing a turtle midmorning was also a shock as was avoiding a three inch tarantula.
Another welcome surprise for Joe S. T. Ruscito was a free bag of cinnamon buns, probably due to the fact that he told our waitress that he could eat cinnamon buns for every meal of the day. Less welcome was the fact that our rest day of 70 miles turned into a nice 105 when we were warned that if we stayed at a certain campsite we might end up in the news. Actually it wasn't that bad as Kansas is changing and I am throughly enjoying the rolling hills. It is quite exhilarating cresting hill after hill.
Another nice surprise was running into a group heading west, whenever we trade stories with other riders it stokes my enthusiasm for the rest of the trip. This group even promised impossible to finish $5 pancakes in the future and mountains in Missouri, all very exciting. Final surprise, 4 draft beers $2.50, not bad. -Lucas


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